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Hi, my name's Dillon

Software Architect, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

A little bit about me

I build web applications that solve problems for people. Here are a few applications I’m most proud of:


Technical Product Manager - Autocase

2021 - Present
  • Developed a multi phase go to market approach in order to get feedback on new features
  • Provided high level estimates and technical feedback on feature requests and roadmap planning
  • Improved user analytics to make more informed decisions
  • Collected and categorized customer feedback
  • Conducted code reviews and researched new technologies to integrate into the software
  • Helped architect the design of the new platform

The latest software offered by Autocase. Worked on merging the requirements from what a customer wants to programming. We dived into machine learning to automate the building energy modelling workflow.

Screenshot of the Carbonsight website

Environmental Justice Toolkit

A free online tool that gives you data about your location to help you make more equitable decisions. Included a little social network where you could report on and share the work you’ve been doing in the environmental justice space. This was my first project where I led the product creation, from research to deployment. Built in three months with a team of two.

EJToolkit Screenshot

Senior Software Developer at Autocase

  • Moved our stack to GCP to specifically take advantage of Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Implemented Instana to improve observability
  • Formalized all security process and procedures to comply with customer requirements
  • Automated the development pipeline to include tests, security scans and deployment in a few click

A SaaS that calculates the Financial, Social and Environmental benefits for your building designs. This was the first project I took a leadership role within the development team. I focused on developing the back end calculations for the entire application, as well as deploying and monitoring. Mostly used Python with the financial libraries like NumPy. Containerized and deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine.

An optimized framework we used for a lightweight Python REST API. Included everything you would need to start building a web application’s back end with the goal being documentation. Developed before the rise of FastAPI, but has a lot of the same features.

Software Developer - Autocase

  • Developed a new analysis engine using Python’s NumPy and the Falcon API framework. Added Redis for read-only data which reduced calculation time by 90%.
  • Drove containerization of the entire application and standardized our developer environment, enabling deployment of multiservice applications in one click and on demand service scaling.
  • Implemented OAuth integration with our service provider

The first project I worked on when joining Autocase. My role was to convert complex Excel sheets created by economists to python code. I focused on getting high test coverage to ensure accuracy, and improving the speed with smart caching.


An online film photography store started by myself and a friend. We sold and developed film for people all over Canada.

A proof of concept Electron app that made it easy to see your investment portfolio. Originally connected to your Wealthsimple account, and ran on your PC, which wasn’t an option at the time. Used the Next JS framework.

Aykac Consulting

  • Created brand guidelines
  • Ran competitor analysis to find high performing keywords
  • Added automation wherever possible
  • Developed business plans and advised on software solutions
  • Managed a small Linux webserver used to host multiple sites and game servers

Designed a WordPress site for a training company.

A wordpress website for a mosaic artist and teacher.