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Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at a company called Autocase since 2016. Our flagship software is a web application made up of a few micro-services. Primarily AngularJS frontends that are being migrated over to React, RESTful python backends using falcon, and some NodeJS. To support our application we’re using PostgreSQL, Redis, Cypress and Kubernetes.

A sample of your dashboard on Autocase

The team is small so everyone takes part on all components of the application, but we all do specialize in one portion. My job, since I started here, has been to work on the Engine, which is where all of our calculations are run. It runs on Python with SciPy and Pandas to help reduce the complexity of our calculations.

What I’m most proud of is the fact we’ve become a high performing team during my time here. With an average size of 4 developers, we’ve implemented 80%+ code coverage across our services, which is more then a couple hundred thousand lines. We’ve implemented a full 1-click CI/CD pipeline that goes through all our changes, runs integration tests through cypress, and conducts a rolling release, all with no downtime. All while continuing to push out new features and services for our constantly evolving application. Best of all, because of all the work we’ve done our company can support enterprise level agreements with such a small and specialized team.

Aside from work, I’ve been working on some side projects. The first one is writing a smart escape room, where all the different puzzles could interact with each other. Using arduino’s to signal each other wirelessly, and a raspberry pi to control them, we can do some cool things. Hopefully opening in Toronto soon enough. Also, I’ve been working on a next.js electron app where users can view their Wealthsimple trade investments on a desktop.

My previous position was at a location analytics startup in one-eleven richmond. We used an AngularJS frontend with a Java Spring backend to aggregate location data from Twitter, Instagram, our own custom built wifi devices with OpenDDWRT and a partnership with a telecom company.

One of our partners that beta tested our analytics platform

In the distant past, I created a full CMS, like wordpress, written in native PHP and some libraries. It had crazy features like dynamic routing, direct code editing, self file health checks and more. It was more of a learning experience then anything else, and looking back on it I should have just learned laravel instead of trying to write it myself. Here’s a Github link to the code, but there’s still one live site, but I really should take it down.


Why Me

Aside from experience, I just want to add some more personal notes. First off, I love open source, and having the chance to work on something that gives back to the community is amazing. I also get very invested in the projects I work on and that’s because software is my passion. That drive makes working on projects fun and exciting, solving problems and then solving them again because there’s a better way. Next, I love documenting and writing maintanable code. There’s been too many times where work has been needlessly thrown away because people don’t understand how to use it. So my goal has been to understand what makes things difficult and how can we simplify them.

I hope this was able to give you an overview of who I am or at least start a conversation. I’m online all the time, so hope to hear from you soon!