About Me

Product Manager

My strengths include understanding customer needs, becoming an expert in the product space, prioritizing feature development, and collaborating closely with engineering teams to deliver compelling products.

Software Developer

As a Senior Software Developer, I transitioned the tech stack to a kubernetes cluster, formalizing security processes and automating the development pipeline. My early work at Autocase involved converting complex Excel models into Python code, emphasizing test coverage and efficiency.


As a CISSP-certified professional, I possess a comprehensive understanding of information security, underpinned by extensive practical experience in developing robust and practical cybersecurity frameworks.


Toronto Film Lab

Toronto Film Lab is an online retailer specializing in film photography products, offering a variety of film rolls from brands like Kodak, CineStill, and Flic Film for purchase. They also provide services related to disposable cameras, including bulk purchasing options, development, scanning, and customization for events.


Investive is a desktop application designed to consolidate and simplify the management of trading accounts, aimed at providing a user-friendly interface for financial tracking and education. It focuses on easing the process of financial learning and goal-setting for its users, particularly those using Wealthsimple Trade, and offers a closed beta for interested users to join.