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Mumble Connection Problems

Aside from the usual incorrect server address/port problems, there are  two common problems people run into. Also, almost all mumble servers are  self signed. So if you receive the “This certificate is not trusted”  message, it’s usually okay to accept it anyways. On that topic, for  murmur administrators, Mumble wrote up how to get a free signed cert  [here]( Problem: This  user is already registered This happens when connecting to […]

Opening the Virtual Network Editor in VMware Player

If you’re using VMware Player then at one point you’ll want to edit  the network configuration for your virtual image. However they’ve made  it harder to find the advanced network settings, or at least I couldn’t  find it while clicking around. Simply, the solution is to run it from the command line using: vmware-netcfg This was the case on Arch Linux with VMware Player. More information can be found here.